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 Management of the project 

Short description 

The WP1 is responsible for monitoring and coordinating all administrative activities, ensuring the compliance of milestones and project’s results.

This WP is focused on planning project’s activities and providing support to partners, in order to assure the compliance of all administrative and financial requirements.

Specific objectives


  • To monitor project’s milestones;
  • To assure good communication amongst partners;
  • To elaborate and deliver reports and financial statements;
  • To keep accounts of the distribution of the Community financial contribution;
  • To manage the Project’s Website and Discussion forum, together with the dissemination WP (WP2);
  • To organize and promote face to face meetings and teleconferences.


Expected outcomes


  • Website (Euro-GTP II communication tools
  • Interim report
  • Final report 


How the work will be carried out

A solid network of partners and several interactive tools ensure good communication and the constant monitoring of the work developed.

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