ONT is a technical coordinating institution that belongs to the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. ONT is in charge of the oversight and the coordination of the activities of donation, recovery, allocation and clinical use of organs, tissues and cells at national level, assuring their best use in accordance with the principles of efficacy, objectivity, equity, cooperation, solidarity, altruism, quality and safety.

ONT is also an EU Competent Authority for Organs, Tissues and Cells. Furthermore ONT is a WHO Collaborating Centre since 2008.

Relevant international experience:

•       Collaboration agreement (Spain-WHO) supporting the Transplantation Program

•       WHO collaborating center: Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation

•       Presidency and Permanent Secretary  of the Latin American Network/ Council; Coordination of activities and projects in Latin America; Training programmes

•       Member of the CDPTO of the Council of Europe

•       Newsletter Transplant of the Council of Europe: Annual publication of donation and transplantation activities

•       South Alliance for Transplants: Cooperation framework with the national organizations of France and Italy

•       Coordination of the ACCORD Joint Action

•       Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group (DICG) to combat organ trafficking, transplant tourism and transplant commercialism and to encourage adoption of effective and ethical transplantation practices around the world 

•       Participation in European and global projects


Core activities of the Organization:

o    Setting down regulations, protocols and guidance in the field

o    Continuous evaluation of performance

o    Promotion of a continuous increase in the availability of organs, tissues and cells for transplantation;

o    Extra-hospital coordination of all multiorgan recovery procedures;

o    Elaboration of periodic reports of activities;

o    Promotion of Agreements and Consensus Reports;

o    Provision of information on donation and transplantation activities and health related topics; Information to the public;

o    Development of training programmes for professionals;

o    International Cooperation.

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